SEO Audit & Backlink Analysis
For: Buddy TV

Prepared by Golden Links


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Audit Date: 23/11/2023

Step 1: Analyzing the Target Page

Analysis of: buddytv.com

Average Domain Rating


Traffic Data


No-Follow Links

0 %

Organic Keywords Trend


Step 2: Analyzing High-Volume Keywords:

Keyword Insights

A crucial metric that provides information about a keyword’s search volume, competition, and trends, enabling us to identify and select the best keywords for SEO campaigns. This analysis of top keywords helps in understanding the competitive landscape and developing content strategies while identifying new keyword opportunities within a specific niche or industry.

BuddyTV in currently ranking on position 9 for keyword ” titans cast ” and it can easy be ranked in top 5. As for keyword ” jim carry movies ” is ranking on position 45 and for keyword ” denzel washington movies ” in ranking on postion 36 ” and with some work we can make them move up rankings

Analyzing Top Keywords

Refers to the process of examining the most popular keywords in a particular niche or industry. This analysis can be used to identify new keyword opportunities, understand the competitive landscape, and develop content strategies.

Keyword Analysis

Comprehensive process of researching and evaluating keywords. It encompasses the identification of relevant keywords, understanding their search intent, and assessing their competitiveness, making it an essential component of any successful SEO strategy.

Step 3: Exploring Anchors:

Exploring Anchors for: buddytv.com

Brand Anchors


URL Anchors


Topic Anchors


Miscellaneous Anchors


Backlink Analysis

Backlink DR

Plays a pivotal role when considering the SEO metrics related to backlinks. It measures the authority and credibility of websites linking to your own. A higher DR signifies a more authoritative website, indicating the value of backlinks from such sources.

Backlink Page Traffic

Quantifies the traffic generated by linking websites to your own. This metric is valuable for assessing the quality and value of your backlinks, helping you discern their effectiveness.

Backlink Web Traffic

Represents the cumulative traffic from all your backlinks to your website, providing a holistic view of the impact of your link-building efforts.

Steps 4 & 5: Competitors & Their Analysis:

Competitor Insights


The top 3 competitors for this website are https://itsastampede.com/ https://endlesspopcorn.com/ http://www.intransitbroadway.com/

Step 6: Observations & Results:

Final Observations and Recommendations

BuddyTV has good DR 62 and good traffic volume. So in this case if BuddyTV want to increase their DR and traffic it needs to be focused in building links focuses on topic-based keywords, URL-based keywords and brand-based keywords. There’s a huge content gap from Buddy TV’s competitors which needs to be addressed.

It is crucial to maintain a healthy anchor text ratio that balances Brand, Topic, URL, and Miscellaneous anchors, especially in a niche-specific context. To maintain a healthy ratio, the following Anchor Text Ratio is recommended for Buddy TV

Anchor Text Ratio Brand URL Topic Miscellaneous Total
Links 2 2 4 2 10 links
Prepared by: Liza Seferi

Technical SEO Issues:


Issues Commentary
Content gap A lot of content from competitors missing on your website
EEAT signals Your competitors have better EEAT signals regarding author bios and author pages, as well as a way more transparent ownership
Pages with high crawl depth There are many pages which take 4 or more URLs to get to. Such pages are deemed low-importance for search engines and don’t get indexed or ranked very often. This is easily fixed with a internal linking strategy
External 404s External 404s may be deemed a EEAT issue, so these should probably be removed or redirected
Title & meta description issues Titles should be 60 characters or less and unique and meta descriptions should be 155 characters or less and unique as well. When we don’t have unique meta data with sufficient length, search engines rewrite the data (badly!) which reduces your CTR and SEO as a result
H1 issues All pages need a unique H1 as it is the section which gives the search engines the most context
Low content pages Pages with low content struggle to rank. This is not a rule, but we should avoid having any pages with low content to increase context for the search engines


Addressing content gaps is crucial, as competitors boast missing content on your site. Improve Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EEAT) signals by enhancing author bios, author pages, and transparent ownership, aligning with competitors. Resolve high crawl depth issues by implementing a robust internal linking strategy to increase indexation. Mitigate External 404s promptly, as they may impact EEAT; removal or redirection is advisable. Rectify title, meta description, and H1 issues to maintain optimal character limits, preventing search engine data rewriting. Eliminate low-content pages to enhance search engine context and rankings. Focus on internal linking, providing chronological and topic-related connections beneath articles. Ensure visibility of TV show selectors for improved search engine accessibility. Augment EEAT signals with author pages, bios, transparent ownership, and social media integration. Enhance content word count to match competitor coverage, pruning unnecessary pages for improved crawl budget. Disavow shady backlinks to address potential spam signals for Google. Prioritize internal linking, EEAT signals, content optimization, and backlink management as key areas for improvement. The rest of the technical audit can be addressed subsequently. If you have further inquiries or requests, feel free to reach out.


10 Golden Link Opportunities

No. Page URL DR Page traffic Website Traffic Referring Domains to Page Ranking KW KW Position Volume
1 https://www.bookbub.com/blog/best-movies-based-on-books-all-time 83 18.7k 471.1k 93 movies based on books 2 6k
2 https://bucketlistjourney.net/best-tv-series-to-watch/ 62 2.4k 3881.5k 89 best shows to binge watch 17 14k
3 https://butfirstjoy.com/shows-to-binge-watch-on-netflix/ 35 2.2k 19.6k 65 best shows to binge watch 15 14k
4 https://www.allconnect.com/blog/beginners-guide-to-tv-streaming 76 3k 683k 131 what is streaming tv and how does it work 4 1.4k
5 https://www.movavi.io/best-romantic-movies-2/ 55 38 65k 3 top 10 romantic movies of all time 24 60
6 https://loudandclearreviews.com/november-2023-10-best-new-movies-stream/ 42 371 13.1k new movies to stream 2023 13 2.5k
7 https://www.discoverwalks.com/blog/world/20-best-romance-movies-of-all-time/ 66 10 409k top 20 romance movie 30 250
8 https://www.lifeadvancer.com/16-best-romantic-movies-of-all-time/ 46 3 1.1k movies that make you believe in love 30 60
9 https://www.timesprime.com/blog/10-best-family-comedy-movies-of-all-time-103941146 54 145 186.7k family comedy movies 23 5.3k
10 https://www.movie-blogger.com/editorial-blog-hell-happened-comedy-movies/ 37 1 8.5k what happened to comedy movies 27 50

Conclusion & Recommendations:

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