SEO Audit & Backlink Analysis
For: Datarova

Prepared by Golden Links


Audit Date: 30/11/2023

Step 1: Analyzing the Target Page

Analysis of: datarova.com

Average Domain Rating


Traffic Data


No-Follow Links

0 %

Organic Keywords Trend


Step 2: Analyzing High-Volume Keywords:

Keyword Insights

A crucial metric that provides information about a keyword’s search volume, competition, and trends, enabling us to identify and select the best keywords for SEO campaigns. This analysis of top keywords helps in understanding the competitive landscape and developing content strategies while identifying new keyword opportunities within a specific niche or industry.

This article on datarova’s site ranks at the 12th position for “keyword spy” and can easily rank in the top 10s by increasing link building efforts

Analyzing Top Keywords

Refers to the process of examining the most popular keywords in a particular niche or industry. This analysis can be used to identify new keyword opportunities, understand the competitive landscape, and develop content strategies.

Keyword Analysis

Comprehensive process of researching and evaluating keywords. It encompasses the identification of relevant keywords, understanding their search intent, and assessing their competitiveness, making it an essential component of any successful SEO strategy.

Step 3: Exploring Anchors:

Exploring Anchors for: datarova.com

Brand Anchors


URL Anchors


Topic Anchors


Miscellaneous Anchors


Backlink Analysis

Backlink DR

Plays a pivotal role when considering the SEO metrics related to backlinks. It measures the authority and credibility of websites linking to your own. A higher DR signifies a more authoritative website, indicating the value of backlinks from such sources.

Backlink Page Traffic

Quantifies the traffic generated by linking websites to your own. This metric is valuable for assessing the quality and value of your backlinks, helping you discern their effectiveness.

Backlink Web Traffic

Represents the cumulative traffic from all your backlinks to your website, providing a holistic view of the impact of your link-building efforts.

Steps 4 & 5: Competitors & Their Analysis:

Competitor Insights


The top 3 competitors for this website are spyfu.co, helium10.com, & trykeywordspy.com

Step 6: Observations & Results:

Final Observations and Recommendations

Based on the backlink analysis, it appears that Datarova.com has a significantly high percentage of no-follow links and its backlink profile is much smaller when compared to its competitors. Although the site is an app for brands that sell on Amazon, none of the anchors used contain any Amazon-related terminology. Instead, the majority of the anchors are URL-based anchors. To improve the site’s performance, it would be best to focus on building links with topic-based anchors. These anchors are more effective, less wordy, and provide more context for users. A good place to start would be to incorporate topic keywords such as “keyword spy” while also including Amazon-based keywords as used by competitors.

It is crucial to maintain a healthy anchor text ratio that balances Brand, Topic, URL and Miscellaneous anchors, especially in a niche-specific context. To maintain a healthy ratio, the following Anchor Text Ratio is recommended for Datarova:

Anchor Text Ratio Brand URL Topic Miscellaneous Total
Links 3 0 5 2 10 links
Prepared by: Ayesha Khan

Technical SEO Issues:


SEO Issues Table
Issue Commentary
Navigation not working without JS The navigation is hidden to search engines because they don’t initialize javascript.
No robots.txt Robots.txt is important for search engines so they know what to index and what not to index. Sometimes, when there is no robots.txt, they don’t check the website or index it because they don’t know if there’s an issue or not.
Width and height for images All of the images need an explicit width and height tag in the code so your CLS is reduced and as such, UX and SEO is improved.
Font:swap Swapping the font with the font-display feature makes the users think that the page is loading faster than it really is and as such reduces bounce rates (or increases engagement rates).
Facade on chat An image facade (which initalizes javascript only when clicked) should be used to increase page speed. 
No blog A blog could be beneficial in your case because you could write many ToFu content pieces which could increase your conversion rates, your topical authority and therefore, your rankings.
No specific landing pages You aren’t using any specific landing pages for the keywords you could be ranking for except for keyword research (which isn’t really using the right keywords). By creating these landing pages, you could increase your converting traffic. 
Open graph and twitter cards not optimized You don’t have enough data in your open graph and twitter card tags which are very important when you’re trying to share your content to social media (and for some SEO purposes as well).
Shady backlinks Links coming from shady websites with overoptimized content or SPAM domains can negatively affect your website. We should remove all of the SPAM backlinks we find (and can remove).
Meta description missing Meta descriptions should be 155 characters or less and unique. Missing meta descriptions can reduce CTR and therefore rankings.
Missing H1 All pages need one unique H1 as it is the section which gives the search engines the most context.


Several issues were identified in the website analysis. Navigation relies on JavaScript, rendering it ineffective without it, and the absence of a robots.txt file hinders search engine optimization. Images lack explicit width and height tags, impacting Cumulative Layout Shift and user experience. Implementing “font:swap” can enhance perceived page loading speed. The chat feature should employ an image facade for improved page speed. A blog is recommended to generate Top-of-Funnel content, enhancing conversion rates and topical authority. Specific landing pages targeting relevant keywords are absent, limiting potential traffic. Open graph and Twitter card tags need optimization for social media sharing and SEO benefits. Shady backlinks should be removed to prevent negative impacts. Missing meta descriptions and H1 tags affect click-through rates and contextual relevance for search engines. Addressing these issues is crucial for SEO improvement. Additionally, the presented keyword opportunities, particularly in Amazon-related searches, suggest the need for diversified landing pages to target specific user intents and improve rankings.


10 Golden Link Opportunities

No. Page URL DR Page traffic Website Traffic Referring Domains to Page Ranking KW KW Position Volume
1 https://www.growthmarketingpro.com/best-amazon-keyword-research-tools/ 72 20 9.4k 7 best amazon keyword research tool 12 150
2 https://www.pickfu.com/blog/amazon-keyword-research-tools/ 63 60 13.6k 1 amazon keywords tool 16 350
3 https://globalowls.com/top-amazon-keyword-research-tools/ 59 14 4.1k 6 best amazon keyword research tool 15 150
4 https://www.bluewheelmedia.com/blog/top-4-free-amazon-keyword-tools 47 330 1.6k 4 amazon keyword research 14 900
5 https://www.repricerexpress.com/best-amazon-keyword-tools/ 69 26 30k 22 best amazon keyword tool 12 70
6 https://digital.com/best-amazon-keyword-research-tools/ 86 8 136k free amazon keyword tool 22 250
7 https://www.webretailer.com/amazon/free-amazon-keyword-tools/ 71 11 28.3k 6 amazon keyword tool free 23 200
8 https://ec.com.pk/blog/10-best-amazon-keyword-research-tools 37 5 27.2k amazon tools provider 36 150
9 https://www.yaguara.co/best-amazon-keyword-research-tools/ 53 16 10.9k best amazon keyword research tools 17 80
10 https://www.ecommerceceo.com/amazon-keyword-tool/ 75 6 72.8k 41 amazon keywords tool 27 350

Conclusion & Recommendations:

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