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For: Digital Honey

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Audit Date: 04/12/2023

Step 1: Analyzing the Target Page

Analysis of: https://digitalhoney.money/

Average Domain Rating


Traffic Data


No-Follow Links

0 %

Organic Keywords Trend


Step 2: Analyzing High-Volume Keywords:

Keyword Insights

A crucial metric that provides information about a keyword’s search volume, competition, and trends, enabling us to identify and select the best keywords for SEO campaigns. This analysis of top keywords helps in understanding the competitive landscape and developing content strategies while identifying new keyword opportunities within a specific niche or industry.

This article currently ranks at the 10th position for the search term “list of net 30 companies”. Although this keyword has an average search volume and low difficulty score, strategic link-building efforts can improve the ranking of this article to the top three results. Moreover, by optimizing for this keyword, the article can also rank better for the parent keyword “net 30 account”, which has a higher search volume.

Analyzing Top Keywords

Refers to the process of examining the most popular keywords in a particular niche or industry. This analysis can be used to identify new keyword opportunities, understand the competitive landscape, and develop content strategies.

Keyword Analysis

Comprehensive process of researching and evaluating keywords. It encompasses the identification of relevant keywords, understanding their search intent, and assessing their competitiveness, making it an essential component of any successful SEO strategy.

Step 3: Exploring Anchors:

Exploring Anchors for: https://digitalhoney.money/

Brand Anchors


URL Anchors


Topic Anchors


Miscellaneous Anchors


Backlink Analysis

Backlink DR

Plays a pivotal role when considering the SEO metrics related to backlinks. It measures the authority and credibility of websites linking to your own. A higher DR signifies a more authoritative website, indicating the value of backlinks from such sources.

Backlink Page Traffic

Quantifies the traffic generated by linking websites to your own. This metric is valuable for assessing the quality and value of your backlinks, helping you discern their effectiveness.

Backlink Web Traffic

Represents the cumulative traffic from all your backlinks to your website, providing a holistic view of the impact of your link-building efforts.

Steps 4 & 5: Competitors & Their Analysis:

Competitor Insights


The top 3 competitors for this website are nav.com, creditstrong.com, & creditsuite.com

Step 6: Observations & Results:

Final Observations and Recommendations

More than fifty percent of the backlinks built on this domain are no-follow. Competitor anchor text analysis of Digital Honey shows that it follows a similar pattern observed by competitors in the niche. However, the backlink profile is relatively small compared to the competitors. To overcome this issue, including more topic-based anchors can give an advantage. A good place to start would be to use the topic-based anchor text keyword “list of net 30 companies” to improve your SERP rankings and eventually rank for “net 30 account”.

It is crucial to maintain a healthy anchor text ratio that balances Brand, Topic, URL, and Miscellaneous anchors, especially in a niche-specific context. To maintain a healthy ratio, the following Anchor Text Ratio is recommended for Digital Honey:

Anchor Text Ratio Brand URL Topic Miscellaneous Total
Links 3 2 4 1 10 links
Prepared by: Ayesha Khan

Technical SEO Issues:


Issue Commentary
Hit by HCU and link spam update You were hit by the updates, which means we should be working on disavowing shady backlinks and also investing into other EEAT signals.
More credible links To improve our EEAT signals overall, we should be working on getting backlinks from authoritative websites in the field.
Shady backlinks Links coming from shady websites with overoptimized content or SPAM domains can negatively affect your website. We should remove all of the SPAM backlinks we find (and can remove).
Broken backlinks There are many broken backlinks which should be redirected to other pages to improve your rankings.
Content gap There are many topics from competitors you could cover which could help you with your EEAT and topical authority.
Internal 404 404s are not issues in and of themselves, but they should be redirected to similar or identical content to keep your rankings. 
External URL issues External URL issues (404, 5xx etc.) are really bad for UX, as well as your EEAT signals. Either remove links pointing to these kind of URLs or redirect them.
Title and meta description issues Titles should be 60 characters or less and unique and meta descriptions should be 155 characters or less and unique as well. When we don’t have unique meta data with sufficient length, search engines rewrite the data (badly!) which reduces your CTR and SEO as a result.
Pagination and other pages noindexed The pagination for the blog, the blog itself and some other pages are noindexed which shouldn’t be.
Pages with high crawl depth Pages with high crawl depth are less important and more likely to get deindexed in Google’s eyes. However, this is easily fixed with internal links pointing to these pages.


Your website has been impacted by the recent HCU and link spam updates. To address this, focus on disavowing questionable backlinks and enhancing EEAT signals. Acquire credible links from authoritative websites in your field to boost overall signal quality. Remove spammy backlinks from dubious sources, redirect broken backlinks, and fill content gaps by covering topics your competitors have explored. Address internal issues like 404s and external URL problems for improved user experience and signal strength. Ensure titles and meta descriptions are concise, unique, and within recommended character limits to avoid search engine data rewriting. Additionally, rectify pagination, prevent noindexing on essential pages, and optimize crawl depth through internal linking to prevent deindexing by Google.


10 Golden Link Opportunities

No. Page URL DR Page traffic Website Traffic Referring Domains to Page Ranking KW KW Position Volume
1 https://www.moneywiselaw.com/credit-score-important/ 28 452 12.8k 1 why is credit score important 10 900
2 https://www.creditsavvy.com.au/learn/credit-faqs/how-are-credit-scores-calculated 52 64 34.6k 4 how is credit score measured 20 42
3 https://www.mymoneycoach.ca/credit/check-credit-rating-report-score/what-is-a-credit-score 62 364 13k 241 credit score 22 34k
4 https://fastercapital.com/content/The-Secret-to-Optimizing-Your-Credit-Score.html 67 3 79.6k how many points are deducted for credit inquiries 30 75
5 https://www.creditinfocenter.com/simple-ways-to-optimize-your-credit-score/ 52 11 8.9k 2 credit optimization 5 20
6 https://www.entrepreneurshipinabox.com/12561/5-tips-how-maintain-good-credit-score/ 63 7 3.7k to maintain a good credit score you must 33 450
7 https://getmoneyrich.com/mastering-the-credit-utilization-ratio-how-to-optimize-your-credit-score-with-multiple-credit-cards/ 39 1k 12.4k 2 low credit utilization ratio 46 20
8 https://moneyvisual.com/credit-cards/tips-building-maintaining-good-credit-score/ 35 10 1.4k 10 tips for maintaining good credit. 30 62
9 https://www.senecasavings.com/maintaining-a-healthy-credit-score-insights-and-strategies/ 40 2 1.5k a measure of your creditworthiness is your 27 30
10 https://www.debt.com/credit-score/good-credit-score/ 70 4 25.7k 16 how to maintain a good credit score 29 250

Conclusion & Recommendations:

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