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For: Zippy Cash for Cars

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Audit Date: 30/11/2023

Step 1: Analyzing the Target Page

Analysis of: https://www.zippycashforcars.com/

Average Domain Rating


Traffic Data


No-Follow Links

0 %

Organic Keywords Trend


Step 2: Analyzing High-Volume Keywords:

Keyword Insights

A crucial metric that provides information about a keyword’s search volume, competition, and trends, enabling us to identify and select the best keywords for SEO campaigns. This analysis of top keywords helps in understanding the competitive landscape and developing content strategies while identifying new keyword opportunities within a specific niche or industry.

This article on a particular website is currently ranked 18th for the search term “how much for scrap car”. The keyword difficulty for this search term is low to medium, and it has a relatively high search volume. By building links to this article and other high-ranking keywords such as “scrap price for a car”, which has an even higher search volume, it is possible to improve the rankings of this article.

Analyzing Top Keywords

Refers to the process of examining the most popular keywords in a particular niche or industry. This analysis can be used to identify new keyword opportunities, understand the competitive landscape, and develop content strategies.

Keyword Analysis

Comprehensive process of researching and evaluating keywords. It encompasses the identification of relevant keywords, understanding their search intent, and assessing their competitiveness, making it an essential component of any successful SEO strategy.

Step 3: Exploring Anchors:

Exploring Anchors for: https://www.zippycashforcars.com/

Brand Anchors


URL Anchors


Topic Anchors


Miscellaneous Anchors


Backlink Analysis

Backlink DR

Plays a pivotal role when considering the SEO metrics related to backlinks. It measures the authority and credibility of websites linking to your own. A higher DR signifies a more authoritative website, indicating the value of backlinks from such sources.

Backlink Page Traffic

Quantifies the traffic generated by linking websites to your own. This metric is valuable for assessing the quality and value of your backlinks, helping you discern their effectiveness.

Backlink Web Traffic

Represents the cumulative traffic from all your backlinks to your website, providing a holistic view of the impact of your link-building efforts.

Steps 4 & 5: Competitors & Their Analysis:

Competitor Insights


The top 3 competitors for this website are junkcarmedics.com, damagedcars.com, & sellmax.com

Step 6: Observations & Results:

Final Observations and Recommendations

After analyzing the competitors and anchor text, it is clear that Zippy Cash has a weaker DR and backlink profile as compared to its competitors. To improve this, a strategic approach to building do-follow links and using brand-based keywords is recommended. This will help establish authority in the market and move up Zippy’s position in the SERP results. Additionally, using topic-based anchors as suggested above can also prove to be useful.

It is crucial to maintain a healthy anchor text ratio that balances Brand, Topic, URL, and Miscellaneous anchors, especially in a niche-specific context. To maintain a healthy ratio, the following Anchor Text Ratio is recommended for Zippy Cash for Cars:

Anchor Text Ratio Brand URL Topic Miscellaneous Total
Links 4 2 4 0 10 links


Prepared by: Ayesha Khan

Technical SEO Issues:


Issue Commentary
IssueCommentaryInterstitial Interstitials are bad for UX and therefore bad for SEO. These should be initialized after 10-15 seconds of using the website.
Redirect chain Redirect chains are redirects which are redirected to another redirect. These chains create issues with site speed and indexing because crawlers give up after a redirect or two and stop crawling.
Title and meta description issues Titles should be 60 characters or less and unique and meta descriptions should be 155 characters or less and unique as well. When we don’t have unique meta data with sufficient length, search engines rewrite the data (badly!) which reduces your CTR and SEO as a result.
Pagination for blog canonicalised When the pagination is canonicalised, search engines can’t find blogs and listings which are on other pages rather than the first page. This makes it so your blogs are practicaly noindexed.
Internal 404 404s are not issues in and of themselves, but they should be redirected to similar or identical content to keep your rankings.
Redirect chain Redirect chains are redirects which are redirected to another redirect. These chains create issues with site speed and indexing because crawlers give up after a redirect or two and stop crawling.
H1 issues All pages need an H1 as it is the section which gives the search engines the most context. It should be unique to the page and there can only be a singular one.
Broken backlinks There are many broken backlinks which should be redirected to other pages to improve your rankings.


Website optimization is crucial for SEO, and several issues can negatively impact user experience and search rankings. Interstitials, if initiated after 10-15 seconds, can harm UX and SEO. Redirect chains, where redirects lead to other redirects, create problems with site speed and indexing. Title and meta description problems, such as exceeding 60 characters for titles and 155 characters for meta descriptions, lead to search engine rewriting, reducing click-through rates and SEO effectiveness. Canonicalizing pagination hinders search engines from locating blogs on subsequent pages, essentially making them practically noindexed. Addressing internal 404s by redirecting them to similar content is essential for maintaining rankings. Ensuring each page has a unique and relevant H1 is crucial for providing search engines with context. Additionally, fixing broken backlinks by redirecting them to other pages helps improve overall rankings.


10 Golden Link Opportunities

No. Page URL DR Page traffic Website Traffic Referring Domains to Page Ranking KW KW Position Volume
1 https://www.encompassinsurance.com/insurance-resources/articles/auto/selling-used-car.aspx 72 302 42.6k 3 tips on how to sell a car 4 1.4k
2 https://www.travellers-autobarn.com.au/blog/6-fool-proof-car-selling-tips 53 8 15.3k 2 tips for selling a car 8 50
3 https://www.thecarexpert.co.uk/tips-for-selling-your-car-privately/ 57 51 58.7k how to sell a car privately 14 800
4 https://www.state.co.nz/blog/driving/smart-strategies-for-selling-your-car 51 8 41k best way to sell car nz 9 40
5 https://practicalmotoring.com.au/car-advice/top-10-tips-selling-a-used-car/ 52 3 15.7k 7 tips on selling a car 12 50
6 https://www.fredbeans.com/used-car-guides/tips-selling-used-car-to-dealership.htm 42 10 16.1k 3 tips for selling a car to a dealership 6 90
7 https://modera.com/automotive/car-sales-psychology-11-tips-and-tricks-to-sell-better/ 38 810 3.9k 9 car sales tips 1 500
8 https://motorway.co.uk/sell-my-car/guides/top-10-tips-selling-car 66 154 366.1k 15 sell your car online 2 1.5k
9 https://www.travelers.com/resources/auto/buying-selling/9-tips-on-selling-your-car 83 1.2k 757.4 11 tips on how to sell a car 2 1.5k
10 https://www.tradex.com/latest-news/2020-01-13/quick-guide-to-buying-and-selling-cars 52 6 14.7k 2 buying and selling cars 14 350

Conclusion & Recommendations:

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